Our Organization

We are a non-profit, grassroots organization dedicated to increasing awareness about the immediate and long-term mortal threats to people living with albinism in East Africa. We work with many others to highlight a deadly black market where witch doctors promote the belief that body parts from people with albinism can bring wealth and luck.  In addition to this current crisis, many people with albinism in East Africa are dying prematurely and painfully from skin cancer, because of the lack of adequate skin care and medical services.

Our Mission

Asante Mariamu is dedicated to raising awareness about the ongoing human rights crisis affecting people with albinism in East Africa. To provide direct relief, we raise funds and gather much needed sun protective gear and sunscreen.  Asante Mariamu also seeks to empower people with albinism by providing opportunities for education so that they can become vital and valuable members of society.

Our Name

The word asante means thank you in Swahili.  We named our organization after Mariamu Staford touched us with her humanity and dignity despite an attempt on her life.

Recent News:

Mariamu recently graduated from the Imani Vocational Training Centre with a certification in training. We are very proud of her!

In July 2012, seven Asante Mariamu volunteers spent a week at the Kabanga Primary School, a center for disabled children in rural Western Tanzania. We provided training, school supplies, books and low vision devices, and funded vocational projects and classroom repair. Learn how you can help these children and other people with albinism in East Africa.

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