Our Partners

The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation

NOAH is an advocacy organization based in North America devoted to offering information and support to people with albinism, their families and the professionals who work with them. NOAH creates a strong sense of community by hosting a biannual conference and a summer camp, by creating publications and hosting local events for people with albinism and their families. NOAH was an early Asante Mariamu supporter, and the two organizations work together to promote a global awareness of albinism.

Standing Voice

Standing Voice is a UK registered charity that works to bring a voice to and tell the story of people with albinism in Tanzania. Standing Voice raises money to provide educational scholarships and promote skin cancer prevention and care. The organization also works on community outreach and education.

Under the Same Sun

UTSS promotes the wellbeing of persons with albinism in Tanzania through advocacy and education. Based in Canada, UTSS maintains an office in Dar es Salaam and works with government officials and others to promote equality. Our organizations work together to support Mariamu Staford, and collaborate on various awareness initiatives.

World Albinism Alliance

The World Albinism Alliance aims to unite existing albinism advocacy groups and to facilitate the creation of new associations around the world. There are over 40 organizations involved in WAA, working to ensure that people with albinism are treated with dignity and respect worldwide.

Positive Exposure

Positive Exposure utilizes photography and video to transform public perceptions of people living with genetic, physical and behavioral differences – from albinism to autism. Many of the images on our website are from the talented Rick Guidotti, who works to promote a more inclusive, compassionate world where differences are celebrated.

Tanzania Red Cross Society

The Tanzania Red Cross Society office located in the Kigoma region was an early champion of people with albinism. Led by Jane Chagie, TRCS staff members partnered with Asante Mariamu to refurbish classrooms, create a poultry project and a sanitary washing station. In addition, the TRCS acted as a fiduciary for Asante Mariamu in administering grant money.

The Catholic Diocese of Kigoma and Kabanga Hospital

Asante Mariamu partnered with the Catholic Diocese of Kigoma to host the first Albinism Awareness Day in western Tanzania. In addition, they faciliatated meetings with various stakeholders to determine a plan of action for supporting the students with albinsm at Kabanga.

Stichting Afrikaanse Albinos

SAA is a Dutch charity that works to provide sunscreen and sun protective clothing to people with albinism in several African countries. Asante Mariamu has provided them with culturally relevant teaching materials to distribute, and the two organizations have worked together to provide supplies for the students at Kabanga, and for people with albinism in rural western Tanzania.

Regional Dermatological Training Centre

Part of the prestigious Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, the RDTC is the preeminent dermatological training school in East Africa. It is also the site of one of the earliest albinism assistance programs. Dr. Alfred Naburi has been educating people with albinism in the Moshi region since 1993, and has seen a marked decline in skin cancer rates. An RDTC dermatologist worked with Asante Mariamu to provide medical screenings, albinism awareness and educaiton to the children in the Kabanga Centre, and also at the Albinism Awareness Day.

Washington-Lee High School

Located in Arlington, Virginia, this school has made a long-term commitment to support students with albinism in Uganda. The students raise money to sponsor tuition and also provide Rafiki Packs to individual students. In addition, they host awareness events, gather supplies and speak to various student groups on behalf of Asante Mariamu.